Awards Guidelines

David A. Shirley Award, Klaus Halbach Award, Tim Renner User Services Award

The call for award nominations is forwarded to ALS users approximately three months prior to the annual ALS users’ meeting and posted on the web. The submission has to comply with the formal nomination requirements to be eligible for election by the UEC and requires the completion of the nomination form. A complete submission consists of:

Please note that information exceeding the page limits will not be considered by the UEC. Each component of the submission must be compiled separately as a *.pdf file and uploaded to the Awards Submission webpage. 🔗

Nominations remain active for only one year, so previous nominators are encouraged to update their nomination package and submit again. The nomination deadline is the second Friday of July.

Neville Smith Student Poster Award

Students participating in the student poster competition on Day 1 of the meeting are eligible for the Neville Smith Student Poster Award. This includes the "Poster Slam" - a one-minute/one-slide oral preview of their poster just prior to the poster session/reception. The winner is selected during the poster session on Day 1 of the meeting. The winner will receive a cash award present a 20 minute talk on his/her work during the awards talks on Day 2.

The poster board size is 4 ft wide by 4 ft tall (1.2 m square); push pins are available. Topic areas need to be selected upon registration: Energy Science, Bioscience, Materials/Condensed Matter, Physics, Chemistry, Geoscience/Environment, and Applied Science/Techniques.