2018 ALS Users' Meeting

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Brief Information

The this year's ALS Users' Meeting will celebrate the 25th anniversary of light at the ALS. The scientific program has been assembled to highlight the broad research performed at the ALS during its first 25 years and to look forward to the future. In addition, the workshops have been modified to include a Tutorial Day where students and early career scientists can be exposed to new techniques and instruments. Following the trend of past ALS users' meetings, roughly 400 scientists are expected to attend and to participate in the event held October 2-4, 2018.

Feel free to contact the Program Co-charis Alex Frano, Jennifer Ciezak-Jenkins, and Michael Jacobs (Alex: 📧, Jennifer: 📧, or Michael: 📧).

Please refer to the Calendar or the ALS users' meeting website for important deadlines and additional information.

Meeting Highlights

  • Plenary sessions with keynote speakers
  • Director's science and facility updates
  • Invited talks featuring recent science highlights from the ALS
  • New tutorial sessions for students and early career scientists
  • Focused science workshops
  • Poster session and reception
  • Student "Poster Slam" competition
  • Awards banquet
  • Exhibitors of synchrotron-related equipment
Invited Speakers (not complete)

  • Pupa Gilbert, UW Madison
  • Jay Marx, Caltech/LIGO: "Natural-Gas Storage in Metal-Organic Frameworks"
  • Zahid Hussain, LBNL
  • Alessandra Lanzara, UC Berkeley
  • John Spence, ASU
  • Megan Beers, TE Connectivity