ALS Users' Association Charter

The purpose of the Advanced Light Source Users' Association (ALSUA)

... is to provide an organized framework for the interaction between those who use the Advanced Light Source (ALS) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) for their research and the ALS management, as well as to provide a channel for communication with other synchrotron radiation laboratories and, on suitable occasions, with federal agencies. The ALSUA, representing the research workers, will be in a position to make known to the ALS management the needs and desires of users regarding operating policy, use of the ALS, user support, and other relevant issues of concern to those engaged in research at this facility. The ALSUA will further provide a means for the ALS management to inform users with regard to current and future plans for the facility. Thorough discussion with users of current projects, as well as plans for the future, will place ALS management in a better position to evaluate the needs of users and will enable users to plan more efficiently the utilization of the facility. The role of the ALSUA shall be to advise the ALS Director on matters of concern to users. Responsibility for the ALS and the research program carried out at the ALS resides with the ALS Director.



Procedural Rules