ALS Users' Executive Committee

The Advanced Light Source (ALS) Users' Executive Committee (UEC)

... is established by the ALS Users' Association Charter. It represents the interests of all students, post-docs and scientists who perform research at the ALS. It provides a channel of communication between the ALS user community and ALS management, conveying the concerns and needs of the user community to management, and providing a means for management to update users on current and future plans for the facility. The UEC also facilitates communication between the ALS and other synchrotrons, and between users and federal funding agencies. With the support of the ALS staff, the UEC organizes and runs the annual ALS Users' Meeting including award ceremonies, held in October at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL).

We meet 3-4 times a year for a half-day meeting at which we discuss topics relevant to the ALS user community. Members are elected annually by ALS users and serve three year terms. Further information about the UEC can be found here.

If you are aware of a topic that is of importance to the ALS user community and would like it to be addressed, either by action or by dissemination, please communicate your concerns and opinions to the UEC. We are here to listen and help.  📧