6/2017Nominations for 2017 Users’ Meeting Awards open
The nomination period for the 2017 ALS Awards bestowed during the upcoming ALS Users’ Meeting is open! Nominations for the Shirley Award (outstanding scientific accomplishment), Halbach Award (innovative instrumentation), and Renner Award (Outstanding User Support) can be submitted online until August 11, 2017. Please refer to Awards Guidelines and Awards for further information and submission.
1/2017Guided ALS tours during shutdown 2016/2017
The ALS is shut down for maintenance and upgrades from December 2016 through March 2017. During this period, we are organizing every Tuesday and Thursday guided tours with chief of operations Michael Banda. It is a unique opportunity to explore the heart of one of the most famous synchrotron radiation sources next door.

The attendance is limited to ten persons per tour due to spatial confinement in the tunnels. Please refer to our calendar and event registration for further information and sign-up.

11/20162017 Incoming UEC Members
Several modifications and improvements of the UEC have kept us busy this year. One of the last actions is to announce and welcome our new UEC members, who will officially join the UEC on January 1, 2017:

Christine Beavers | Jennifer Ciezak-Jenkins | Ethan Crumlin (ALS) | Kelsey A. Stoerzinger | Francesca Toma | Michael Jacobs (Student)

These six members had been elected by the ALS user community out of a slate of 21 candidates. We appreciate all nominees for running and encourage a resubmission next year. We thank the ALS user community for participating in the election.

10/20162016 ALS Users' Meeting
Three days of scientific and social events, including plenary talks and dedicated workshops on synchrotron-based or -related state-of-the-art research, next generation synchrotron facilities and ALS-U sciences case, as well as awards ceremony and professional networking opportunities, have come to an end. We congratulate all awardees to their achievements and like to thank all participants, vendors and support staff for their contributions to have made the users' meeting a success.

We look forward to seeing you again next year at Berkeley on October 2-4, 2017.

Further information: Users' meeting | Awards | Impressions | ALS press release: Highlights | ALS press release: ALS-U
09/2016Nominations for 2017-2019 Terms open
The annual UEC nominations period is up - Friday, Sept. 23 thru Friday, October 14, 2016. We encourage ALS users and ALS staff to submit nominations for prospective candidates who will represent the interests of students, postdoctoral researchers, and scientists who perform research at the ALS.

This year, six nominees will be elected to serve on the UEC representing the scientific fields and diversity of ALS Users Community. Two of the six elected members will be an ALS employee and student representative. Hence, nominations for both of these special representatives are particular sought. To nominate an individual or yourself as a potential ALS UEC member, please visit UEC members for further information.

09/2016UEC Update
The UEC met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, September 8. The agenda included final preparations for the upcoming ALS User Meeting, to be held October 3–5, plans for the solicitation of new UEC members from the ALS user community, and the pending update of the UEC website. ALS beamline scientist Elke Arrenholz presented plans for enhancing user engagement for ALS-U. Michael Banda and Roger Falcone discussed current and future ALS operational, scientific, and infrastructural developments that might effect user science at the ALS.

With the intention to foster users engagement with the UEC, and vice versa, a kick-off User Forum followed the regular UEC meeting. The forum allowed the UEC to obtain direct input from users present at the ALS. We thank all the users for attending and providing input. Following on this forum’s success, the UEC will hold a similar event after every regularly scheduled UEC meeting in the upcoming years (3-4 times a year).

We will forward several suggestions and recommendations on behalf of ALS users to ALS management.

09/2016Refining UEC website and UEC logo
Reforming nominations and elections processes to enhance engagement, efficiency and diversity of UEC members is only one aspect of current UEC's business. In order to improve the visibility and public engagement with ALS users, ALS staff and external parties, we are currently redesigning and updating the UEC website.

Check out our new website and find out more about ALS users' meetings, awards, UEC members, UEC activities and much more.

08/2016Announcement: 2016 ALS Users' Meeting
The this year's ALS users' meeting is concurrent with current efforts to upgrade DOE synchrotron facilities offering dedicated ALS-U (ALS-Upgrade) sessions and keynote speeches about next generation diffraction-limited synchrotron facilities and beamline updates. We believe that an early-stage involvement of the user community is an essential ingredient for a successful upgrade and coherently growing outstanding research and development carried out at the Advanced Light Source at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Following the trend of past ALS users' meetings, roughly 400 scientists are expected to attend and to participate in the event held October 3-5, 2016.

More information can be found here.

Feel free to contact the Program Co-charis Fanny Rodolakis and Robert Streubel by email (Fanny: 📧, or Robert: 📧) or phone (Fanny: 630-252-6817, or Robert: 510-486-5478).